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We love Troy, Albany, and the surrounding area, known as the Capital District of New York. Here is a place to find us recommending and rhapsodizing (and perhaps offering a bit of constructive criticism) about places to go and things to do around here.

I'm going to start this out as a community where anyone can join, anyone can post, and no moderation is needed. I don't think we're talking inflammatory material here, so with any luck, we can avoid drama.

If your post happens to have nudity, violence, potentially sensitive/controversial, or sexual content, please label it clearly and put it behind an LJ cut. I can't imagine that would come up much, but better safe than sorry. I have no problem with these materials behind a cut, as long as they pertain to the goal of the community: expressing our love and enthusiasm for the Capital District. Trolls who post gratuitous offensive materials will have their post deleted and receive one warning. Second offense results in being banned. Everybody else, keep in mind that trolls love nothing more than somebody who manifests a strong reaction. Ignoring them, or responding when necessary with calm, rational civility makes them bored.

Please stay on topic. On topic means:
* announcing any kind of event or new and exciting place to go/group to belong to/thing to do in Albany or Rensselaer Counties or within about an hour's drive.
* describing or reviewing (positive or negative) any kind of place to go/thing to do/group to belong to/event in the area.
* talking about local social, cultural, economic, and political issues, or larger-world issues that have a bearing on this area. Please stay civil and remember that this community is about loving our home. There are PLENTY of other communities for debate.
* practical things like troubles with NiMo/TimeWarner/Verizon, good/bad/ugly landlords and apartment complexes, traffic, cell reception, best place to go for oil changes, scary things that happened in your neighborhood/the Price Chopper parking lot, tips for dealing with antique buildings' antique utilities, and so forth.
* the bunnies in your back yard. The way your landlord totally gutted a priceless historical building to make your apartment. The way he DIDN'T, and you're living among gorgeous 150 year old woodwork and plaster. Empire Plaza in the sunset. Pot holes. Ivy growing on an abandoned building. A parking space close to work. The really annoying new barrista at your favorite coffee shop. Enjoy yourselves.