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*logs in from the library*

So how did everyone else fare, power-wise?

A transformer blew (sparks, fire, fire truck and everything) close to me, stranding one-half of a block (my half) without power. I've called the power company 5 times and they've given me answers ranging from "we don't know" to "three weeks because you're too small a pocket" to "September 1 if people don't quit to short us manpower for laughs" to "too low priority, go away, call back later".

I'm waiting on time-sensitive government aid stuff I can only do by phone, and since my phone runs through my modem, if it goes, they both go. So yeah, kind of frusterated.

Is anyone else in Albany still without power? Is it just me or is it far more widespread pockets and I don't see the bigger picture? I'm just curious.
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